Prepare your car for Winter Driving

The winter is almost here so is your car ready for it? Here are some tips on checking your car and some vital emergency supplies.

It's very important to have winter tires because these tires are made especially for ice and snow. Also check your spare tire to be in perfect order. Check the wiper blades and replace them if they are worn or damaged. Test your car battery and purchase a new one if needed. Make sure headlights, fog lights, all lights for that matter are working properly; it will be a good idea to have replacement light bulbs in your car. Get your car’s coolant system checked by a professional. Extreme low temperatures can cause cracks in your car’s radiator, so add at least 50% antifreeze into the water cooling system.

Winter DrivingWinter Driving

Emergency supplies in winter:

- blankets and extra winter clothes are the most essential things you can have in your car with you.

- dried foods, bottled water, energy bars, chocolate to replenish your energy if you get stuck in a blizzard, you should know that eating snow can be dangerous.

- a spare charged cell phone will allow you to call 9-1-1 in a second and ask for help.

- a first aid kit it's vital if someone is injured in an accident; you should know how to use it.

- a wind-up radio will inform you about weather conditions and the state of roads.

- jumper cables, tire repair kit, road flares, a flashlight with extra batteries and a shovel.

Winters are getting tougher and every year there’s more news about people stuck with their cars in heavy snow. The best you can do is to prepare instead of betting on luck.

1. For winter driving you just

For winter driving you just prepare your car for the driving,check the battery condition,wiper blade condition,coolant label ,front light,fog light,radiator condition.If some problem in these spares then change or repair these & move for the journey.

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