Lotus City Car concept - Paris Motor Show

The Lotus City Car concept merges the cutting-edge Lotus Engineering series hybrid drivetrain technology with Lotus Design sophistication. The Lotus City Car is powered by a 1.2 l, 3 cylinder Lotus Range Extender engine, specially designed for hybrid vehicles.

Lotus City CarLotus City Car

The Lotus City Car concept features an innovative series hybrid drivetrain with the Lotus Range Extender engine. With a total range exceeding 300 miles, the Lotus City Car has an electric-only range of 37 miles. The top speed of the Lotus City Car concept is 105 miles/hour (170 km/h).

Lotus City CarLotus City Car

"Lotus Design has created a vehicle that condenses the essence of Lotus into a low carbon Lotus City Car, with many inspired design touches. The progressive technology from Lotus Engineering gives the car an advanced drivetrain that can be operated in Zero Emissions EV mode or run on its flex-fuel engine." says Dany Bahar, Chief Executive Officer of Group Lotus.

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