HV-X Hybrid from Yamaha

Yamaha has introduced a hybrid powered bike HV-X Hybrid at the Tokyo auto show. It is, for now, only a prototype, but there are rumors that Yamaha could create a series version of the bike if the public reaction will be positive. The producer used to develop the new prototype vehicle the Tmax 500 frame, on which sat a 250 cc single cylinder engine gas and one 15 KW electric engine, with a package of lithium-ion 300V battery .

Yamaha HV-X Hybrid can operate only with electric motor or with the internal combustion and gas engine, the coupling and uncoupling can be done automatically or manually.

  • HV-X Hybrid from Yamaha
    HV-X Hybrid from Yamaha
  • HV-X Hybrid
    HV-X Hybrid
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