Radar Detectors with Red-Light Camera Detection

Chances are good that you’ve noticed a red-light camera at some point while driving. While some municipalities would have you believe that these devices are good for catching repeat red-light offenders, they actually cause more problems than they solve.

These cameras cause anxiety among drivers, especially if they aren’t familiar with the area in which they’re driving. Drivers look up and wonder if the red-light camera is going to go off as they drive past instead of focusing on the task at hand.

Nowadays, there are a litany of gadgets and sensors on traffic lights, so it’s difficult to know exactly what you’re seeing. It’s tough to tell what is monitoring traffic and what is snapping your photo. And by the time you receive a ticket in your mailbox, it’s too late.

The good news is that there are ways to make the distinction with the technology available to you. Using it allows you to defend against speeding and red-light cameras. While many people already use one, if you don’t, it might be a good time to consider getting one. We’re talking about a portable radar detector that has built-in red-light camera detection.

Here are some of the best radar detectors on the market in 2019. These three options include red-light camera detection so you receive notifications when entering intersections that have these systems in place.

Escort Redline EX

The Redline EX is a radar detector that offers incredible detection functionality. This detector offers dual antenna designs with long-range detection. If you spend a lot of time on the highway, this is the radar detector for you.

With its digital signal processing technology, you won’t receive many false notifications and its IVT Filter means you won’t get alerts from surrounding vehicles. Plus, you’ll get red-light camera detection, so you don’t have to worry about what that gadget is mounted on the light pole.

Lastly, the Redline EX comes with Bluetooth, so you can sync your mobile app to your detector. As a result, you’ll get data on thousands of speed traps, red-light cameras, and speed cameras across the US.

Escort Redline iXc

This radar detector takes a classic look and updates it with more power and features. With the Redline iXc you’ll get Bluetooth capability, Digital Signal Processing, GPS technology, and more to make your drive as smooth as possible.

The Redline iXc comes with Escort’s patented AutoLearn, which means you’ll experience fewer false notifications while you’re on the road. Plus, with the Escort app on your phone, the Redline iXc provides the locations of red-light cameras, fixed position cameras, and safety cameras so you can avoid them if necessary.

Plus, the iXc comes with a SpeedAlert feature, which shows your current speed. If you’re over the speed limit, an alert will sound that lets you know it might be wise to slow down a bit. This radar detector includes voice notifications as well, so you know you’re getting an advanced device with plenty of superior features.

Escort MAX 360c

The MAX 360c's state of the art Intelligence 360 radar means you’re running with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, dual antennas, and GPS. You’re getting complete detection along with super-fast response time.

The MAX 360c is so good that not only does it detect signals, but it tells you exactly where they’re coming from. Its built-in functionality pinpoints exactly to the origination of the signal. This detector also comes with Escort’s Digital Signal Processing, which provides long-range detection, along with quicker response times, and fewer false alerts.

Additionally, you’ll have access to the Escort Live app, which provides access to an entire database of red-light cameras and speed traps throughout the US. It’s easy to see how this radar detector is perfectly designed for connected vehicles.

Avoid Red-Light Cameras

Red-light cameras have good qualities and bad ones. They reduce the number of head-on and side collisions at intersections. As a result, they also help to save lives. Which means they’re good, right?

On the contrary, these devices also create more rear-end accidents due to drivers suddenly stopping at a yellow light to avoid getting a ticket. There are also problems with tickets issued to drivers who were legally turning right or left after the light changed. Getting a ticket when you obey the law doesn’t exactly create trust for the usage of red-light cameras.

But with these red-light camera detectors from Escort, you’ll know where they are, and avoid them if necessary. These economical and effective devices provide plenty of warning so you know when you’re about to encounter one. Whether you already have a radar detector or not, it might be time to consider one that offers red-light camera detection.

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