The laws regarding the buying and fitting of your vehicle’s tyres are important for your safety. Kmart Tyres and Auto Service (KTAS) are experts in the field of tyres, and provide a range of quality brands for all types of vehicles.

  Australian tyre standards are specified by the Australian Design Rules (ADR). The ADR 42 explicitly states the standard for wheels and tyres being effectively covered by a guard. And the ADR 23 states the standards around the labelling and construction of tyres. The team at KTAS are familiar with these rules and will help you with the purchasing of a reputable tyre brand and the fitting of all your wheel and tyre requirements.

  According to the Road and Traffic Authority (RTA), since 1973 each vehicle is required to hold a tyre placard which specifies the type of wheel and tyre recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer. It also specifies key information such as loading weight, speed rating and air pressure. Based on the individual vehicle’s tyre specifications found on either the tyre placard or in the owner’s manual, the manufacturer’s recommendations should be adhered to. However, if the owner wishes to try a wheel/tyre configuration different to the manufacturer’s recommendation, consultation with an experienced tyre dealer like KTAS is essential.

  For example, if you want to replace your tyres with a wheel track wider than that recommended by the vehicles manufacturer, it’s important that the wheel track be no wider than 25mm of the maximum required by the manufacturer. Similarly, the overall diameter of the combined wheel and tyre should be no more than 15mm over or under the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. If an owner wants to fit tyres and wheels outside these guidelines it is paramount that they be assessed by a qualified signatory, and if considered safe, an engineering certificate will be given to the owner. The certificate is presented to the RTA and will be stamped and endorsed. It must then be kept in the vehicle at all times, and be presented if required by an RTA or Police.

  Given the legalities and safety that is emphasised by these strict wheel/tyre guidelines, consultation with an expert at KTAS is a good place to start. All the mechanics are trained to do most registrations and inspections. Registration criteria can differ from state to state, however KTAS have over 250 locations Australia wide, and each local store will be familiar with that state’s guidelines.


  Proper fitting of the appropriate tyres and wheels for your vehicle is important too, as it affects the vehicles wheel alignment and wheel balance. Poor wheel alignment and balance affects the longevity of the tyre, the steering control, suspension, shock absorbers, struts and the overall performance of your vehicle.

  Kmart Tyres and Auto Service provide tyres that meet the criteria of the Australian Design Rules and fit them to correct safety standards. No matter what your requirements they will ‘ you to find the right tyre for your driving needs.’

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