Own a 1965 Shelby Cobra Now

You can have a classic car in showroom condition sitting in your driveway or driving about town for a few thousand dollars. May seem impossible but it is actually not that difficult. If you want to buy a mint restoration be prepared to pay well over $50,000 but if you want to build your own replica it is far more affordable and many believe more satisfying.

The popularity of kit cars has never been higher. With the new designs available there is no need to settle for a 18:1 die cast model on your kitchen table. You can purchase kits to make an entire car featuring the greatest classic and sports cars ever driven on the road or even get chassis and frame only kits to install your own body and powertrain of your dreams.

Internet forums boast thousands of members to give advice for what to choose for your first one as well as how to modify or tune it to a true custom version- but a lot of that will depend on you. If you want it to look like a muscle car but with the knowledge it will be registered and insured on the road at some point decide the look is all you need then you can put in any engine you choose. Or you can take a factory stock engine and amp it up to 500 hp if that is where your interest lie.

Though anybody can build a kit car given time and patience some things are needed. A garage with area to work of course is a must. A very well equipped tool box is essential – you will not build a car with a weekender toolbox with a single set of wrenches and sockets. You do not have to be a professional mechanic to put it together so long as a mechanic is available for the final tuning and safety checks bit clearly the more adapt you are the faster it will be.

In a well-equipped garage a competent enthusiast can do the average kit car in 3 months or less in evenings and weekends. A spring start can have you on the road in summer. Even very knowledgeable people should follow the directions carefully. All come with a manual of step by step directions and the majority with a DVD as well. Trying to “do it my way” seldom will save any time and can pose a significant safety hazard.

The newest trend is less about engine tuning and more about body customizations. Taking a great sports car design or combining elements from several and tweaking it with your own individual style is exhilarating. Significant body panel work will of course require specialized tools like available at www.cjmach.co.uk . The payoff is that you get a truly unique look even from a kit.

specialized tools

Next time you see an incredible car go by that you wish you could own spend a few minutes researching car kits – it is just possible you could own it and even build it yourself.

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