The new Ford Mondeo, as the latest interpretation of the new design language "Potential Energy Aesthetics," not only fully integrates the essence of Ford's design and the aesthetic cognition of contemporary Chinese consumers but also presents the most recent progress in the fusion of forward-thinking technology and humanized experience and design.

As a well-known global model of the Ford brand, successive versions of Mondeo have been favorably received by consumers worldwide. Ford Mondeo has swiftly created a distinct and unique image in the Chinese market since its introduction in 2004 with its sporty aesthetic language and forward-thinking technical experience. The Ford design team understands that to maintain the success of such a classic model, it must keep up with the times and strive for excellence based on the brand spirit of "pioneering innovation," as well as fully absorb the avant-garde Chinese consumers' sense of innovation, technology, and exquisite craftsmanship. Innovate to modify classics in response to consumer needs.

Ford Mondeo

"The Mondeo brand is well-known to most consumers, and it was an honor and a task for our design team to create a new generation of goods for such a car," said Maurizio Tocco, Ford's head designer. "We aim to be able to inherit the successful experience acquired by Mondeo's previous product generations and raise the consumer experience to new heights. The customer experience is always the beginning point for product design, and with innovative solutions, people's requirements and desires are flawlessly incorporated into the product."

In this context, the Ford China design team was instrumental in establishing a new generation of design ideas - "potential energy aesthetics." This idea refines, honors, and innovates on the traditional design features acquired during the Ford brand's lengthy history. At the same time, the team gained an in-depth grasp of customers' distinctive viewpoints and tastes in the Chinese market for beauty and the Ford brand for a century via rigorous market research and local research. The artistic accumulation of the past is combined with the most recent trends in the local market. This new design concept describes Ford's new products for the Chinese market by focusing on three fundamental performance principles: "Dynamic and Smart Modeling," "Creative and Intelligent Responsiveness," and "Powerful and Practical Aura."

Ford Mondeo

The dynamic external design of the 2022 Ford Mondeo completely reflects these three fundamental performance concepts. It all starts with the front end of the automobile driving into the wind, leaning forward with a razor-sharp attitude, and providing never-before-seen inventive impulses. Simultaneously, a slim and forceful sharp line extends backward, goes through the side of the body, and joins the strong shoulder line and the smooth and extended roof curve at the rear of the automobile. The three lines are incorporated quietly into the aerodynamic design. The duck-tail trunk lid, built-in one-piece, exemplifies agility and a sensation of speed. The shoulder line and waistline are modified with rich forms on the side of the automobile body, making use of light and shadow to reveal the dynamic beauty that is ready to go - the contour beneath the door is tightened inward, and this concave surface looks like a muscle in the light. The natural ups and downs seen below are entirely natural.

The new Ford Mondeo's imposing and dynamic front face has additional features that can annotate the expressive concept of "creation and intelligent reaction." The daytime running lights across the front feature two folded corners that imitate traditional Chinese calligraphy on both body sides. The shoulder-heavy strength adds to the new-generation Mondeo's horizontal breadth and ready-to-go athletic stance.

Ford's trademark octagonal grille has been radically redesigned for the new-generation Mondeo. The proportions have been enlarged, and the form has become more aggressive. All of the front's design features emanate from it. The powerful lines and three-dimensional features on the hood that continue from the front face are typical of Ford's vintage performance vehicles "Highlights Ford's inherent performance DNA.

The vintage tribute is also visible at the back of the vehicle. The distinctive taillights include traditional three-dimensional design features and define the surrounding area with a sporty blackened cavity treatment, which visually accentuates the body size once more - in comparison to the previous model. The first generation grew in width and length by 23mm and 63mm, respectively. Because of the increased body size, Ford's design team produced a highly spacious and leading occupant area while interpreting the dynamic shape with the "fastback" roof.

2022Ford Mondeo

Extensive study and local market research in China indicate that customers are concerned about the emotional connection and interaction between automobiles and people. The new Ford Mondeo incorporates this principle into many of the car's designs, such as the hidden door handle with a streamlined body shape on the side of the car, which can realize induction pop-up; the Ford Logo above the tailgate, and Not only the static car logo design but also the function of the trunk opening button. The through-type headlamps and the breathing 3D parametric scale grille should be the most eye-catching of these design components. When the owner approaches the car, the headlights illuminate sequentially, and the grille scales move like breathing—ups and downs, with a feeling of ceremony awaiting the owner's arrival.

"These design components interpret the application of the design philosophy of 'creation, intelligence, and reaction' to this new model, and actively answer to the requirements of Chinese customers for forward-thinking interactive technology and an emotive automotive experience," Ford explained. "Our objective was to design a streamlined style that shows the energy and strength of rigidity and softness between movement and stillness while delivering comfort for all passengers," stated Max Wolff, Group Design Director for China and International Markets. In addition, the unique front form and forceful attitude reflect a strong and confident aura, which is the 'environment' that Chinese customers highly value."

The Ford China team leads the design and R&D of the next-generation Ford Mondeo, which is completed in collaboration with Ford's worldwide design and engineering departments, intending to create unique and forward-thinking new products to meet the world's biggest automotive consumer market. So make good on the promise of "more Ford, more China." Changan Ford will build the 2022 Ford Mondeo; it will go on sale this year.

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