Toyota Mirai is the first mass-produced fuel cell car. Toyota Mirai has all the advantages of the electric car without its limits since its fuel cell only needs 5 kg of hydrogen to travel 500 kilometers.

Toyota will launch the Mirai early as December 2014 in Japan, where the manufacturer is working with the Japanese government to develop the hydrogen distribution network with the aim of hundred stations at the end of 2015. 2015 was also the year of the launch of the Mirai in United States. In Europe, the commercialization of Mirai will also begin in 2015, but only on the most advanced markets, Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

Toyota MiraiToyota Mirai

The Toyota Mirai uses a Nickel Metal Hydride battery - positioned behind the back of the seat - to help recover the kinetic energy of the car deceleration. The movement is provided by a synchronous electric motor with permanent magnets developing 155 hp. Mirai weighs 1850 kg.

Toyota MiraiToyota Mirai

The Toyota Mirai is a roomy sedan, but it has only 4 places. The boot space of 450 liters is not scalable, the wall separating the cabin being occupied by hydrogen tanks and battery hybrid system. The driving position is good, but the only adjustable steering wheel is a little low.

Toyota MiraiToyota Mirai

Standard accessories include leather upholstery (synthetic but of excellent quality), electric seats, telephone charger and numerous driving aids such as autonomous emergency braking, blind-spot alerts and lane departure warning.

0 to 100 Km / h: 9 s – TOP SPEED 179 km / h

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