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Volkswagen e-Co-Motion city delivery concept van

The global movement towards increasingly larger cities is connected with growing demands for transport solutions. At the same time, authorities are demanding substantial gases and emission reductions. Furthermore, many big cities are applying vehicle access limitations in their fight to avoid pollution. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles suggest a potential solution: VW e-Co-Motion concept vehicle - an electrically powered city delivery van.

Volkswagen e-Co-Motion concept vanVolkswagen e-Co-Motion concept van

VW e-Co-Motion city delivery van is highly a maneuverable with a minor footprint and offers good all-round visibility with a high seat position. Loading and unloading should be made easy by a low cargo floor height, and the city delivery van should also offer a large cargo capacity.

Volkswagen e-Co-MotionVolkswagen e-Co-Motion

The electric drive unit is mounted with a single-speed planetary gearbox. The continuous power output of the compact drive unit is an energy-saving 50 kW / 68 PS. The engine's maximum power is 85 kW / 115 PS. Volkswagen e-Co-Motion concept has a top speed of 120 km/h (electronically limited). A battery with a capacity of 20 kWh could be fitted for driving ranges of around 100 km.

Volkswagen e-Co-Motion city delivery vanVolkswagen e-Co-Motion city delivery van

The VW e-Co-Motion concept city delivery van unveiled at the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show could be the perfect zero-emissions vehicle of the future.

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