In Europe, Kia's wildly popular XCeed compact crossover has sold more than 120,000 units and received many product improvements, including a bold new exterior design, upgraded interior, and a new GT-line trim version. Because of these alterations, the Kia XCeed is now an even more enticing model in the growing C-crossover market.

Its mild hybrid, plug-in hybrid, petrol, and diesel powertrains are among the new XCeed's options. The Kia XCeed has been given a facelift to better match its sporty, urban persona, and the result is a vehicle that stands out even more from the rest of the Ceed lineup.

Kia XCeed GT-line

An exciting and dynamic driving experience is provided by a sporty Kia XCeed GT-line version coupled with a petrol engine that produces 204 horsepower. Customers who want the practical advantages of a larger car without sacrificing their sense of style or sporty handling will find this dedicated sports car appealing. To put it another way, its unique sporty design and GT-inspired performance set it apart from the rest of the XCeed lineup.

A Kia flagship model, the new XCeed is an example of the automaker's cutting-edge safety, connectivity, and infotainment technologies. Updates designed to enhance XCeed's reputation as a technological leader in the C-crossover segment have been implemented.

Kia is launching the new XCeed with various efficient and electrified powertrains as a provider of future-proof mobility solutions. There are a variety of fuel-efficient powertrains available for the Kia XCeed, ranging from high-revving turbo engines to cutting-edge mild hybrid systems, ensuring that the vehicle is ready for any modern lifestyle.

Kia XCeed GT-line

Kia Europe's Vice President of Marketing and Product, Sjoerd Knipping said: "Our customers have praised the XCeed's unique combination of dynamic driving characteristics, everyday usability, and in-car technology. This new model builds on these strengths with a wide range of stylish exterior and interior design changes and new technological features. Additionally, we've ensured that our redesigned crossover is equipped with the most up-to-date powertrain options, demonstrating our commitment to providing our customers with flexible transportation options over the long term."

"The Kia XCeed has become the most popular model in Kia's Ceed family as a sporty alternative to larger models. Additionally, "the dynamic handling and nimbleness of a compact European hatchback" is what Knipping had to say about the vehicle.

The new Kia XCeed will be built in Kia's factory in Zilina, Slovakia, just like its siblings in the Ceed family, and sales will begin in the fall. Kia's 7-year, the 150,000-mile warranty will, of course, apply to the new crossover.

Kia XCeed GT-line

The XCeed builds on the iconic design of its predecessor with a stylish, expressive, and contemporary appearance. The company's European design center developed new plans for the Kia XCeed in Frankfurt. The project was overseen by Gregory Guillaume, Vice President of Design at Kia Europe.

Guillaume said, "We wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to refine and develop the Ceed design language for our most popular model, the Kia XCeed." "The XCeed's sporty, urban character is further enhanced by the modifications we've made."

Headlights are now LED, and the grille, bumper, and air intakes have been redesigned to make the new Kia XCeed stand out. The designers incorporated air intakes on both sides of the car by integrating the fog lights into the headlights. This reduces drag and improves fuel efficiency.

Kia XCeed GT-line

A set of 18-inch wheels controls the new Kia XCeed. The appearance in the CUV segment was explicitly considered when designing the aluminum wheels. The "tailpipe look" and a new diffuser with a bottom shield in high-gloss black are just two of the subtle changes that have been made to the rear of the XCeed. Side views reveal an XCeed with a sporty, relaxed appearance thanks to its long bonnet and the A-pillars that protrude behind its wheels. The Kia XCeed has a wheelbase of 2,650 mm, but the front and rear overhangs are each 25 mm and 60 mm longer than the other models in the Ceed-model family (to 840 mm). Only the front doors of the 5-door hatchback version are shared with the sedan version.

The XCeed's roofline slopes sharply down to the fastback tailgate, giving the vehicle an almost coupé-like profile. 205/60 R16 or 235/45 R18 tires provide excellent traction on either 16" or 18" die-cast aluminum wheels.

The LED taillights at the rear produce a thin and highly technical light signature that appears to shoot forward and into the shoulders of the car from some angles. The powerful horizontal lines on the tailgate and rear bumper make the new XCeed look even more prominent.

Kia XCeed PHEV

Customers are drawn to Kia because of the XCeed's rugged appearance, raised ride height, and sculpted bodywork. When equipped with 16-inch and 18-inch wheels, the XCeed offers up to 44mm more ground clearance than the Ceed 5-door hatchback. A combination of wheel arch moldings, side protection moldings, and satin chrome roof rails gives the vehicle a rugged look.

To raise the XCeed to a new level of performance, Kia has introduced the GT-line, which features a sporty body style and an exhilarating driving experience. Those looking for a practical, spacious, and safe family car with an eye-catching design and excellent performance will find it appealing.

Throughout Kia's model line, the GT series has been introduced recently to enhance performance and the emotional connection to a movement ingrained in Kia's genetic make-up. When it comes to Xceed's most popular model, the GT line has been a welcomed addition.

Kia XCeed PHEV

In contrast to the base model, the new Kia XCeed GT-line equipment includes many sporty features. Tiger-nosed grilles and sporty air intakes at the bottom of the bumper help give the front of the vehicle a more aggressive look. Drag is reduced, and aerodynamic efficiency is improved by using dark chrome air intakes on either side of the front of the car. The new hexagonal LED taillights and sporty lower diffuser in the car's color round out the upgraded model's rear end, making the XCeed GT-line stand out from the crowd.

Aluminum wheels with a machine polish and body panels in the car's color, along with high-gloss black roof rails and mirror caps, give this new model a sporty appearance.

As many as 12 different paint colors will be available for the new Kia XCeed, with three new standout hues: Lemon Splash, Celadon Spirit Green, and Yuca Steel Grey. @via Kia.


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