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Nissan Juke

In the fall of last year, Nissan published the first pictures and details of the new generation Juke. The B-segment SUV proposes an improved design, larger exterior dimensions and a redesigned interior. The new generation Nissan Juke has been developed exclusively in the UK. The Japanese SUV was launched about 10 years ago, and during this period, about one million units were… Read more

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Nissan Juke


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The production version of Nissan Juke Nismo will make its global debut at the world's most famous race, the Le Mans 24 hour alongside the pioneering Nissan DeltaWing and Juke-R. Previously revealed as a concept at the 2011 Tokyo and 2012 Geneva international Motor Shows, this is the first glimpse of Nismo's legendary… Read more

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Nissan Juke

Nissan’s position as the pilgrim of Crossovers is further reinforced by the arrival of Juke. Juke breathes new spirit into the conservative B-segment of the market, giving customers a fashionable alternative to the traditional urban hatchback. "Juke brings a sense of adventure to the car market. It’s light, nimble, urban, reactive: qualities designed to grab a younger audience… Read more

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Geneva Motor Show


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