The time depends on regular bikes for transportation has changed dramatically thanks to the development of technology, which introduced electric bikes to the public. The Ebike is more than just a method of transport, it is also a kind of relaxing and healthy lifestyle.

For city dwellers, electric bikes are probably on the top of their list of transportation methods. Generally, electric bikes can make a 26-minute commute easier and more pleasant. They also appeal to a huge amount of people as a healthy lifestyle, including middle-aged athletes, elderly people, or people who are not big fans of strenuous exercise.

There are numerous kinds of electric bikes launched in recent years, and they are becoming more and more powerful and affordable. This article will provide you with the key aspects that you need to consider when choosing an ebike to help you select the most suitable electric bike.

To have a better understanding of electric bikes, we need to know what an ebike is and know the difference between regular bikes and scooters. Ebike is similar to a regular bike but with a battery-operated motor, which can make the rider travel much farther and faster along with a pedal assist. Most of the time it is unnecessary for an ebike rider to have a license but you should better first learn how to ride a regular bike to better enjoy the electric bike riding.

Electric bikes can be divided into different types based on different perspectives.

There are pedal-assist and throttle-assist ebikes by capability. The former means that the motor assists only to make the drive a bit easier and the latter means that the motor takes over completely. Therefore, you need to consider the classes of ebikes and pay some attention to some regulations concerned with classes.

Every country has its laws regarding the max speed, and max power of ebikes, and some also add restrictions related to where ebikes can go, and where they shouldn’t. Three-class system in the U.S. is Class 1, 2, and 3. The first is often the one with the least restrictions because class-1 ebikes are pedal-assist, while the latter two often have restrictions because they are throttle assist. So before buying an ebike on your own, you should check out the regulations on ebikes in your states.


Based on utility, electric bikes are categorized into several types to better satisfy your needs. We hope the following information would do some help in buying a suitable ebike.

There are mountain ebikes, cargo ebikes, snow ebikes, and folding ebikes. You can choose based on how you are going to use it, such as commuting, or hunting. If you are a hunt-lover, our Magicycle Fat Tire Electric Bike would be a good choice.

After you have decided on what you would use the ebike for and check out the regulations on ebikes in your states, you might want to consider the following values about fitness, comfort, and the frame of ebikes if you want to select a suitable ebike.

First of all, one of the most important components of electric bikes is the motor.

We recommend the ebike with a motor of 500 to 700 watts because it is capable of reaching speeds from 30 mph and more if you want to buy a mountain ebike or the ebike for hunting. For example, Magicycle All-Terrain Fat Tire Ebike with a motor of 750 watts. If you just want to buy an ebike to commute, a class-2 or class-1 ebike is enough with a max speed of 20 mph which is allowed to ride on the lane just like regular bikes.

Besides, the battery is also an important component of the electric bike. Batteries run the motor, and the ebike depends on electricity to run. A high-grade battery can not only guarantee your safety but also determine how many miles your ebike can run once it has been fully charged. Therefore, the capacity matters a lot for ebike riders.

Generally, categorized by capacity, there are Lithium-Ion, Nickel-Cadmium, and Lithium Cobalt batteries. The density in a battery refers to the amount the battery can hold and the unit of measurement is Wh/kg. A Nickel-Cadmium battery offers about 60 Wh/kg, a lithium-ion battery 110 Wh/kg, and the lithium cobalt battery tops the list with 160 Wh/kg. The battery on electric bikes will almost always be lithium-ion batteries since they are more efficient and with the best combination of value and features.


Apart from that the design and components of ebikes are also significant.

A fat-tire ebike with a step-thru frame would be not only very safe and easy for older people to ride. Due to degradation of physical performance, fat tires and step-thru design can guarantee elder people’s safety. In addition, the fat tire design keeps the rider stable and not easily punctured when riding in the woods.

You may also need the ebike with an LCD parameter, showing obviously how fast you’re riding and how much electricity is left, which can be very helpful to remind you to get the ebike fully charged to avoid lack of power for a long journey.

At last, suspension types of ebikes are also needed to be considered for having a steady riding without exhausting our body.

Suspensions are systems that suspend the bike and its rider in a way that helps them to cushion the effect of the jaggedness of the terrain on which they are riding. Generally, these suspensions are components of mountain bikes.

There are different uses and combinations of suspensions, which include front suspension, rear suspension, Seatpost suspension, suspension saddle, and full suspension. Ebikes with only front suspension are the hard-tails, while those with both front and rear suspension are the full-suspension types.

Full-suspension ebikes can greatly reduce the feeling of bumps when riding on rough roads. If you can afford the price, full-suspension ebikes provide very stable all-around riding.

In one word, we hope that what we have introduced in this passage can help you select a suitable ebike for yourself.

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