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How to Plan Your Pre-Cruise Out of Galveston

Going on your first or 100th cruise is an exciting time. There is so much enjoyment found just in choosing your excursions and deciding which Hawaiian shirt to pack. There are a few Galveston cruise-day details that may get lost in the excitement. Be careful not to leave these pre-cruise tasks to chance.

Arrival by Plane

Galveston has several pay-to-park options near the cruise terminals, but if you need to get from a Houston airport to Galveston Cruise terminal, then a shuttle is probably your best option. Shuttles travel to both Houston Hobby and Bush Intercontinental airport regularly and can accommodate a crowd if you’re traveling with family. Tickets can be purchased on-line, and you will be dropped off right at your ship. No need to lug baggage down the street. The same shuttle can also return you to the airport when your cruise is over.

Paperwork for Compliance

Be sure to double-check your cruise company’s policy on what form of ID is acceptable to board and disembark from the ship. Many cruise lines strongly suggest carrying a passport or passport card even if the cruise begins and ends in the United States. Starting on October 1, 2020, US citizens will need a REAL ID-compliant driver's license to fly on any airline. If you don’t have this type of license, your cruise could be over with before you ever even arrive in Galveston.

Time to Wander

If you find yourself with a few extra hours in Galveston, spend the time well, sightseeing in the downtown area. In fact, it’s worth building in the time to start or end your cruise on a high note. There are fabulous shops, restaurants and historic buildings all within walking distance of your ship.

The pleasure of an excellent cruise experience is unmatched, but we all know that leaving travel or paperwork to chance is a recipe for disaster.  With a little extra planning, the before and after aspects of the cruise can also be as seamless and enjoyable as the cruise itself.

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