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Toyota has increased its market share for 2020

Recent figures from the Road Traffic Information Council for car sales in 2020 show that Toyota continues to differentiate from its competitors in major areas. Toyota has always been concerned with having a broad portfolio of reliable models with low emissions and consumption. We saw last year that many people prefer hybrids and plug-in hybrids, and Toyota expects good sales of these in 2021.

The car brand has four different models among the 20 best-selling passenger cars in 2020, in Norway. In total, Toyota delivered 16,924 cars in 2020, which gave a market share of 9.8%. The most popular models were:

Toyota RAV4 - with 4412 cars sold

Toyota RAV4

Toyota Yaris - with 2517 cars sold

Toyota Corolla - with 2487 cars sold

Toyota C-HR - with 2105 cars sold

Toyota has several exciting news, like the Yaris Cross Hybrid - a compact SUV with four-wheel drive that is perfect for many people's needs and a new generation of the hydrogen car Toyota Mirai. Also, we should recall the fully electric version of Proace from November.

Also when it comes to last year's sales of vans, Toyota is the car brand with the most models on the top 20 list. Toyota's van sales increased by 21.3%, in a market that declined by 15%, this is quite impressive.

Toyota's most popular van models in 2020, in Norway, were:

Toyota Proace - with 1407 cars sold

Toyota Proace City - with 948 cars sold

Toyota Hilux - with 870 cars sold

Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser - with 816 cars sold.

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