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Understanding the Grain Hauling Industry

The farming industry relies on a number of factors to ensure the safety, health, and efficiency of its livestock and produce. Among these factors is the delivery of grain, a staple on any farm that utilizes animals in its business. The truck drivers who deliver this grain are major commodities to the farming industry and must possess a number of qualities to find success in their career path.

A Day in the Life of a Grain Hauler

Those looking to secure truck driving jobs hauling grain need to meet a number of requirements, and are responsible for several factors in addition to driving. Drivers must be certified to drive trucks, and will often assist in loading and unloading grain. This can mean carrying heavy loads up and down steps or other inclines. Proper logging of driving and delivery schedules and details are important to ensure the customer receives their orders in an accurate and timely manner. Drivers are responsible for the safety of their trucks, so they will need to perform regular pre-checks of their truck and other equipment. Strong navigation and mapping skills are also required, especially in areas where GPS signals and mapping are weak or unreliable. Finally, drivers are considered ambassadors for themselves and their companies, so it is important that they represent themselves positively and professionally, and are able to showcase their knowledge of the products they are delivering, when working directly with farm owners and staff.

Additional Legal Responsibilities

Every career path is riddled with both federal and local laws, and grain hauling is no exception. Drivers are responsible for being knowledgeable of these laws and ensuring proper permits and load-limits are secured and followed. For example, the state of Illinois recently passed a law that allows up to 10 percent more than the vehicle’s gross vehicle to be hauled on certain roads. Securing and carrying necessary permits is vital for the driver.

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