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Is Your Auto Safe in Long-Term Parking?

In airports across the country, air travelers leave their automobiles unattended in long-term parking, trusting that their personal vehicles will be safe. Unfortunately, even major airports that place a high priority on the safety of parking lots face troublesome issues.

Stolen Valuables

When you leave your car in long-term parking at the airport, there's the possibility that any possessions will be stolen. With your vehicle left in the open for several days or longer, experienced thieves can quickly and easily get into your car, checking under seats and rifling through glove compartments looking for valuables. Even if you clear your belongings out of your automobile, this experience can be traumatic.

Stripped Car Parts

In some cases, thieves manage to steal car parts, such as your entertainment system, your wheels, a GPS device, and airbags.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, thieves can strip your auto completely in less than 30 minutes. In an airport parking lot, criminals may not make off with all of the parts, but they could easily strip out several entertainment systems without raising alarm. In some cases, car thieves simply drive away with someone else's vehicle.

Vandalized Exteriors

Vandalism such as paint, graffiti, broken windows or mirrors, dents, or slashed tires is more than annoying when you return from a trip. Of course, otherwise law-abiding citizens may bump into your car, dent the door, or leave scratches without taking responsibility for the damages.

How To Minimize Damage

You can reduce the risks to your automobile. You might pay more for premium parking with secure doors, video surveillance, and dedicated staff. However, not all airports offer this amenity. A sure way to keep your car safe while flying is to rely on taxi services and airport shuttles. For example, the shuttle from hobby to galveston provides you with transportation around the area, no danger to your auto necessary.

It is possible to avoid the risks of long-term airport parking; consider leaving your automobile safely in your own garage. Whether you travel for work or recreation, shuttle services to and from the airport are a great way to protect your vehicle from damage.


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