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2020 Honda CB-F Concept revealed online

The new Honda CB-F Concept, whose presentation was scheduled at the 2020 Tokyo Motor Show, which was blown up by the Covid-19 pandemic, was revealed in video streaming.

The new concept takes up the lines of the famous Honda CB900F and seems to be ready for production. However, there is no official information regarding the possibility of acquiring.

As mentioned, not many details were disclosed, but Honda has confirmed the presence of a 6-speed gearbox and dimensions (L x W x H = 2,120mm × 790mm × 1,070mm) and dual discs up front and a single disc at the rear.

Honda CB-F has a 998 cc in-line four-cylinder engine, the same engine that already equips the Honda CB1000R which delivers a maximum power of 145 HP and a torque of 104 Nm.

2020 Honda CB-F Concept

The reference to the famous model of the eighties is entrusted to retro details such as the large tail that houses a LED taillight and which takes up the square lines of the rear area. The round headlight is a detail taken from the CB900F.

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