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The first electric motorcycle from Ducati is coming

The Ducati Zero arrives, the first electric motorcycle ever made by the Borgo Panigale company.

The confirmation comes directly from Claudio Domenicali, the CEO of Ducati who announced how the Emilian company has been working for some time to enter the market with a completely electric and zero-emission sports car. In Ducati plans, the bike should arrive by road in 2021, along with a new electric maxi-scooter.

Ducati Zero

But what will the first all-electric Ducati in history be like?

There are many rumors that begin to circulate, with several designers who have ventured into the creation of concepts that imagine the nature of the future creation of Borgo Panigale. One of these, Alessandro Lupo, thought that the new zero-emission creature will be born under the Monster brand in full Ducati style. The bike, renamed Ducati Monster Electric Concept, mixes the vintage style of the Cafe Racer with the beauty of the Ducati brand and the architecture of an electric motorcycle.

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