A flying motorbike capable of sailing at speeds of 100 km/h for up to 40 minutes will be available for purchase next year for a price of around $ 680,000. The Xturismo flying motorcycle (a drone developed by ALI Technologies) was unveiled during a test flight on a racetrack near Mount Fuji.

In the first half of 2022, ALI Technologies plans to create a limited number of single-passenger hoverbikes, each weighing 300 kg. The hoverbike is 3.7m long, 2.4m wide, and 1.5m high.

"With this floating vehicle, we'd want to propose a new lifestyle," stated Daisuke Katanola, CEO of ALI Technologies, at the Fuji Speedway Racing Course event. According to Japanese officials, in addition to being utilized for recreational purposes, it can save people from accidents. 

XTurismo Limited Edition

Powered by an internal combustion engine and four electric motors, the Xturismo flying bike is held up by two main propellers, located where the wheels of a conventional motorcycle would be. Also, four auxiliary propellers placed at the corners of the vehicle ensure stabilization. According to ALI, Xturismo uses the same altitude control technology that the company already operates in its unmanned drones, ensuring a smooth flight when up. While on the ground, the Xturismo hoverbike rests on a mechanism similar to that found on a standard helicopter.

XTURISMO flying motorcycle

It is worth noting that flying motorcycles are closer to mass production than flying cars since they are structurally more straightforward and cheaper. But both types of vehicles in the coming years are unlikely to be legalized in cities and towns, for which it is necessary to carry out extensive legislative work and prepare the infrastructure.

The new XTURISMO Limited Edition from ALI Technologies is only one of the numerous flying vehicles in development that will soon enter the market. For example, JetPack Aviation, based in California, has announced the successful testing of its hoverbike prototype, which can reach a height of 4,000 meters and is presently available for pre-order starting at $ 380,000, with delivery anticipated for 2023.

You can see the video presentation:

You can order via Xturismo. website.

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