Between fashion and tradition: Porsche 911 by Teddy Santis

A Porsche 911 Carrera 4 (964 series) has undergone a restoration that combines heritage and fashion, achieving an excellent result. The car, unique and exclusive, is the result of months of research and work, which involved  Teddy Santis, founder and creative director of the New York fashion brand Aimé Leon Dore (ALD).

The American designer collaborated closely with Porsche, going to Stuttgart several times to monitor the evolution of the idea, which has now blossomed in all its charm. In recent days, this 911 Carrera 4 has appeared in the Jeffrey Deitch gallery in New York. Next public commitment, the presence at the ALD fashion show of the 2020 New York Fashion Week.

Porsche 911 by Teddy Santis

The interior of the car has been completely customized with Schott leather and Loro Piana houndstooth pattern: materials and styles chosen also for the Aimé Leon Dore autumn/winter 2020 collection. The custom-made seats have been meticulously restored in the Recaro atelier in Kirchheim, Germany, to complete the picture. Luxury and class in the details, with a Schott leather trunk with Loro Piana accents.

The recipe for success of the 911 is due to its uniqueness, the result of apparent contradictions because the model combines sportiness and daily practicality, tradition and innovation, exclusivity and social acceptance, design and functionality. This sports car has overcome the fashions and wrinkles of the time, to remain faithful to tradition, in a framework intimately connected to modernity.

Occasionally this German opera renews its skin, but with subtle delicacy. Modified aesthetic elements are often minimal. The real news, however, is hidden under the bodywork.

Porsche 911 by Teddy Santis

“Working together with Porsche on this project has been a dream come true. It has been a deeply humbling experience to be entrusted with a project of such importance to the Porsche community and to work together on a design that has been so instrumental in shaping my own outlook and aspirations,” says Teddy Santis.

“Teddy Santis is as much a Porsche fan as we are, and we are delighted to see his inspiration and creativity applied to the 911. His interpretation is visually stunning and also shows unique features for a 964 – it’s a true one-of-a kind,” says Kjell Gruner, Vice President Marketing at Porsche AG. via

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