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BMW Z4 sDrive35is with more air, boost, and torque

Combining excellent proportions with modern characteristics, the BMW Z4 Roadster enjoys the top spot in its market segment at NAIAS.

More air, boost, and torque: More BMW performance.

The latest Z4 model is defined by instantaneous response to the accelerator pedal, wonderful sounds, and a free spirit. The motor features enlarged air intake flow and improved boost pressure to release more power with the same capability.

The turbocharger system produced for the engine of the new BMW Z4 sDrive35is keeps a high output throughout the whole engine speed range. Nominal peak torque is increased to 332 lb-ft from 1,500 rpm to 4,500 rpm. Highest output of 335 hp is achieved at 5,900 rpm.

The BMW Z4 sDrive35is will make the sprint from a stop to 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds (preliminary). Top speed of the BMW Z4 sDrive35is is restricted electronically to 250 km/h or 155 mph.

The BMW Z4 sDrive35is gives exceptional power and performance with standard fuel consumption or emissions. Its figures are expected to match those of the BMW Z4 sDrive35i with Double-Clutch Transmission on the EPA test cycle. This stability of performance and fuel efficiency results from the original design and layout of the BMW inline-6, which connects twin turbochargers with High Precision direct injection. An extra advantage of direct fuel injection is its cooling effect which enables more powerful compression while diminishing the possibility of explosion.

The exhaust system of the BMW Z4 sDrive35is has been harmonised especially for this model. This tuned sound is the outcome of special baffles and an individual set of mufflers. The sound is described by a deep rumble with a focus on the low-frequency sound range.

Electric Power Steering (EPS) on the BMW Z4 sDrive35is highlights very sporty programming, directed to provide strong and sharp steering feedback to the driver. This permits the driver to turn-in with exceptional precision and determination at all vehicle speeds.

The standard 7-speed Double-Clutch Transmission (DCT) in the BMW Z4 sDrive35is combines the best in driving dynamics and efficiency.

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