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Volvo V60 Sports Wagon is all about innovative design

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The all-new Volvo V60 will be ready with a mixture of diesel and petrol engines.

"From the design viewpoint, the focus was on making the car as close to a coupé as possible, while retaining that handy extra space at the rear. Our sports wagon does not aim to compete with the traditional estate car. For the customer who wants a lot of load space, there is our V70 or XC70," says Örjan Sterner, head of exterior design for the new Volvo V60.

Volvo V60 Sports Wagon

He adds: "The dip in the middle of the double wave visually pushes the car down. This enhances the stance and makes the car look sleeker and lower. The sculpted bonnet and the short overhangs front and rear also emphasise the sports car feel."

Volvo V60 Sports Wagon

Dynamism is further enhanced by integrated LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology to create distinctive light designs both front and rear. The car's design does not end abruptly but rather continue to flow organically, continually, mimicking the smooth forms of a racetrack.

Volvo V60

Volvo experts formed the driving experience in the new Volvo V60 with the same enthusiasm given to the construction of the all-new S60. The result is a sports wagon with driving qualities that do the sporting looks full justice.

Volvo V60

Volvo's new sports wagon is ready with a selection of two chassis. The distinction between the two chassis options is to be seen in the dampers and the front and rear subframes.

The powerful chassis is backed up by a variety of electronic systems that focus the sporty driving experience. The new V60 is fitted with Advanced Stability Control, Corner Traction Control, Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC) system.

Volvo V60 Sports Wagon

The new Volvo V60 will be available with a high-performance turbocharged T6 model. The T6 engine has a displacement of 3.0 litres and now pumps out 304 bhp and 440 Nm of torque. Acceleration from 0-62 mph needs 6.6 seconds and top speed is limited to 155 mph.

Volvo V60 Sports Wagon

In addition there is a new 1.6-litre GTDi engine which is available in two versions: 1.6 GTDi (T3) with 150 horsepower and T4 with 180 horsepower. The T4 is available in sequence with Volvo's automatic six-speed Powershift transmission or a six-speed manual gearbox.

Volvo V60

The engine options also include two five-cylinder turbodiesels. The D5 high-performance engine with twin turbos produces 205 horsepower, acceleration from 0-62 mph takes 7.9 seconds (manual and automatic). Top speed is 143 mph. Both turbodiesels are available with a six-speed Geartronic transmission or six-speed manual gearbox.

Volvo V60 Sports Wagon

"The new Volvo V60 is a worthy representative of our aim to build the world's safest cars - and it marks yet another step towards our goal of no fatalities or serious injuries in a new Volvo car by the year 2020," says Thomas Broberg, Senior Safety Advisor at Volvo Cars.

"The interior of the new V60 is all about innovative design in two areas: form and technology. The design is characterised by sporty freshness down to the smallest detail. The technological aspect includes all those smart solutions that contribute to a driving experience unlike that of any other Volvo - from collision avoidance safety and comfort systems to infotainment and audio excellence of absolute world class,"

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