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The new Hyundai Tucson: the first images

Today, Hyundai Motor published the first pictures of the brand new Tucson. New design highlights include Hyundai's brand new headlight signature 'Parametric Hidden Lights', as well as the car's innovative double cockpit design that is optimized for a personal, and intuitive user experience. The pictures issued today hint at the innovative features of the new Hyundai Tucson.

The digital world premiere for the all-new Tucson is on September 15th. Live broadcasts, video and photos will be available on Hyundai's website.

Hyundai Tucson

Tucson's advanced and experimental design raises the bar and moves the boundaries of what is the car industry's most competitive segment.

The evolution of Tucson's interior has resulted in a lower instrument panel, and the housing above the instruments has been completely removed. The dashboard is like a wide back that slides seamlessly with the doors, and wraps around the driver and passenger in a safety-creating way. Two silver-coloured lines that run all the way from the centre console to the rear doors create harmony in the material options, which are of very high quality and in complementary and neutral tones.

The athletic and powerful shapes slide seamlessly into right-angled wheel arches, which house dynamic alloy wheels.

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