Skoda Vision IN made its India debut

Skoda Vision IN has finally been unveiled at the New Delhi Auto Expo. This is an SUV concept that will then come in the form of a series model but only for the Indian market. Vision In is part of a specific Skoda strategy of wanting to create specific models dedicated to the needs of the Indian market.

The new LED-backlit front grille is very interesting and allows you to give more personality to the front thanks to the new LED headlights. The generous ground clearance, which winks at the offroad world and the 19-inch wheels help make the Vision In seem more imposing than it is actually seen as it measures 4.26 meters.

Skoda has worked very hard also in the interiors which are really very original with really important attention to detail. The interior finishes are also of quality, all made from recycled materials, a choice that highlights the green soul of this model.

Skoda Vision IN

Skoda Vision In, although it is an innovative concept, is always based on an MQB-A0-IN platform from Volkswagen Group. In fact, the compact SUV is equipped with the well-known 4-cylinder 1.5 TSI petrol engine capable of delivering 150 HP. Power is transmitted to the ground by a 7-speed DSG automatic transmission.

Skoda Vision IN

According to Skoda, the maximum speed is 195 km / h, while acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 8.7 seconds. Skoda Vision IN will arrive in 2021 but the concept allows you to discover several really interesting solutions that could make the Vision In a very attractive model.

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