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The Parrot Bluetooth Car Kit

Technology for the automobile is never better than when found in devices such as the Parrot Bluetooth Car Kit. Useful information and connection is available when needed. Making commutes to and from work as well as any road trips much safer and more interesting, the Parrot Bluetooth Car Kit provides the services and versatility of a smartphone while remaining hands-free.

parrot bluetooth car kit

Convenience and Car-Safe Technology The Bluetooth Car Kit has many practical and media-related apps as well as digital mapping and directions. Drivers and passengers can listen to their favorite music and surf the internet. The device is capable of voice recognition and makes hand and eye-contact unnecessary. Much safer to operate than a tablet or smartphone, the Bluetooth Car Kit attaches conveniently to the vehicle's dashboard. Car Assistance and Multi-Media Entertainment For driving assistance, Wi-Fi, and many other services, the device is equipped with the latest technology. Drivers can enjoy music during a long or short journey, and they can use the most advanced mapping system so that they can find their way to destinations.

This useful gadget entertains and connects to the worldwide web. Excellent for those who travel significant distances, the Parrot Bluetooth Car Kit can soon make drivers and passengers wonder how they ever got along without it.

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