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Yamaha Tricity 300 - three-wheel motorcycle

Yamaha proposes a higher level of urban mobility by launching the new Tricity 300. This younger brother of the Yamaha Niken is a 3-wheeled model that stands out with premium quality, a dynamic style and sportiness perfectly combined with safety.

The Yamaha Tricity 300 can be driven by customers who have a Category B driving license. Its multi-wheel drive (LMW) system, offers agile manoeuvrability and a character that makes it easy to use, even by beginners and newcomers to the world of two/three wheels.

Yamaha Tricity 300

Available in three colours, Nimbus Gray, Tech Kamo and Gunmetal Gray, Yamaha Tricity 300 will be on the market in July 2020 at a price of 8,100 Euro.

The two front wheels offer extra traction, especially in poor grip conditions, and braking power is superior to motorcycles. The lightweight chassis has a front-to-rear weight distribution of about 50:50 with the pilot on board, and this contributes to the natural steering and extraordinary stability of this Tricity 300.

The Yamaha Tricity 300 is powered by a liquid-cooled 4-stroke 300cc SOHC engine, single-cylinder, 4-valve, based on the advanced design used by the best-selling sports scooter, the XMAX 300. It provides fast acceleration. , along with good fuel efficiency (Fuel consumption 3.3 l / 100 km).

Yamaha Tricity 300

In addition to being the lightest model in the class, Tricity 300 includes a number of premium features, including large diameter disc brakes with a unified braking system and ABS. The large storage space under the saddle can accommodate two full-face headphones or a full-face helmet and an A4-size briefcase, and the compartment is equipped with internal LED lighting.

The MyRide app allows Yamaha motorcyclists to track any race and record a variety of data, including tilt angle, acceleration, top speed, altitude changes and distance travelled. Tricity 300 drivers can compare travel times for each trip and see which is the fastest, shortest or most efficient route in a big city.

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