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Power on the road, Yamaha V-max

Although has passed some time since the last V-max model, specifically those from 1985, YAMAHA returned with a new model that has captured the attention of many riders. Yamaha V-Max 2009 keeps the style hot rod and is similar in broad terms with his predecessor, but this model was improved in terms of performance and safety management.

 Aluminum framework well-proportioned and new type of suspension will offer another perspective on this model. Although the dimensions are relatively large (2390 x 820 x 1190 mm) and weighing 310 kg the new model will be easy to   drive it because handling is very good. V-max may be compared with other big names such as Suzuki B-King Triumph Rocket III and Honda Valkyrie without being in disadvantage. V4 engine of 1679 cmc developing a torque of 166.5 Nm  maximum power being achieved at 9000 rpm, 200 HP.

Yamaha V-max  At safe chapter V-max  is equipped with a braking system as  having the ABS system for any eventuality. Design is one of a specific aggressive hot rod, leaving outlined air intakes near the tank and the interesting drum exhaust. Maximum speed achieved is 220 km/h (limited electronic).

 Adam Waheed owner of a V-Max says "It is totally different from anything you felt before. That unless you pilot planes fight. The new V-Max so become the closest thing to a fighter plane. Even a super car like the Bugatti Veyron over a million dollars can go to a rail 400, so fast is the new V-Max".

 The price of such "beast"  is between 20,000 and 21,000 euros.

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