In recent years UTV have seen a fast rise in utilization by emergency services organizations across all of the USA. Fire, Police and EMS are now accepting a large variety of uses and applications for these hard working off-road vehicles including wild land firefighting, emergency medical evacuation from distant locations, police search and rescue missions, crowd control, and lost more just to name a few. UTV are a fun, smooth riding choice that are increasing in popularity, even in this economy. I like reading latest news about side by side UTV parts, it helps me find great deals.

The UTV is wider, there-so a lot more stable and more safer than an ATV. I like to be safer at any given time if I can.


The UTV is a lot more comfortable with it's bench seat - particularly for longer journeys. If I'm having fun I must be comfortable.

The UTV is for sure more functional and helpful for getting your work done. It helps to work and have fun in the same time.

The UTV can be easily equipped with heated cabs and a list of accessories that can really help you. I like the idea of a multipurpose vehicle.

Bottom line is: an ATV is cheaper and easier to drive through the woods, but the UTV is safer, more comfortable and you can do a lot more work with it.

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