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Why You Need a Coolant Filtration System

If you own a light-duty diesel truck, then you probably don't have a coolant filter for your water pump and coolant components. During the manufacture of your diesel engine, it was likely cast in sand. When the sand leaches out of the casting, it can come into contact with your water pump seal, hose and radiator, which could cause significant damage over time. Also, metal shavings, rust and mineral deposits can find their way into your coolant, which can greatly diminish the heat capacity of your truck's cooling system. A coolant filter can remove harmful dirt and particles and thus, can prolong the life of your water pump and coolant components. After changing the filter for the first time, you'd probably be surprised at how much debris you see!

Protecting Your Truck's Coolant Components

A coolant filtration system can not only protect your water pump, but it can also protect the oil cooler and EGR cooler. With no coolant filtration system in place, debris can clog up your oil cooler. The coolant has to pass the oil cooler before it enters the EGR cooler. Thus, if the oil cooler is clogged, it can't pass sufficient amounts of coolant to the EGR cooler. This can cause the EGR cooler to fail. In this case, you'll likely have to replace both your oil cooler and EGR cooler, which is often expensive. Not to mention, labor can take hours to complete. Replacing key parts isn't the most ideal situation to be in, which makes it so important to acquire a filter for your diesel truck.

You may think that installing a coolant filtration system is impractical due to maintenance and regular changing. You might also think it's too late to get a coolant filter because some damage has already been done to your truck. But with a coolant filter, you can prevent further damage and avoid costly repairs.

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