Many car enthusiasts are beginning to reap the benefits of powder coating. Just like traditional paint, powder coating is designed to protect the exterior surface from the environmental elements. However, the reality is that power coating actually holds many advantages over the traditional methods of painting. Here are some of the benefits of power coating automotive parts.

The thick layer of protection that powder coating provides will last for years to come. Powder coating is able to resist scratches and chipping substantially better than liquid paint. Powder coating is also capable of withstanding relatively extreme temperatures.

Variety of colors
Powder coating gives car enthusiasts a wide variety of color options. From canary yellow to candy apple red, they are all available. There are also plenty of available textures including smooth, rough, and matte. Powder coating has the unique ability to hide surface imperfections, which will surely come in handy for some automotive components.

Can be used on a variety of automotive parts
Powder coating is a great way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of automotive parts. Some of the parts that are commonly powder coated include door handles, radiators, wheels, bumpers, truck beds, brake calipers, and spring coils. Check out FATCATCC.COM to see a few examples.

Used on all types of metal
Powder coating is effective on all types of metals including copper, steel, aluminum, and iron. The metals will exude a refreshed appearance after the powder coating process is completed.

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