The Ultima GTR has always been on top of the food chain in terms of performance. The RZ Ultima is a concept that can use the same rolling chassis,  but replaces the bodywork in favor of a more modern and aggressive look designed by the Racer X Design team.

RZ Ultima

Sub 10 seconds runs up the strip, quickest acceleration from 0 to 100 mph, quickest deceleration from 100mph to 0. We all know the Ultima GTR. Performance that makes any production car trail behind where it counts: Around a track!

The RZ Ultima concept is intended for those who want all the performance that the GTR offers but with a more refined look. Even if this is still in design phase, we believe it has the potential to be the ultimate supercar.

RZ Ultima

Based on top of the GTR existing chassis, the styling was designed to leave the chassis and running gear untouched. This is what Racer X Design thinks a supercar should be. Extremely quick, stylish, and unique. The RZ Ultima promises all these qualities and more.

If you already have a GTR and / or are interested in the RZ Ultima contact us.

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