Hyundai showed off a futuristic design for the next generation of its popular compact SUV, the KONA. It is based on electric vehicles (EVs). The new model will be bigger and come in four versions: fully electric (EV), hybrid (HEV), internal combustion engine (ICE), and a sporty N Line. All four will have the same structure, but each will look different.

With the all-new Hyundai KONA electric car, Hyundai Motor expands its commitment to sustainable mobility and technology-driven design. It does this by offering more electric vehicles and a variety of powertrains to meet the different needs of customers.

Hyundai KONA

The new Hyundai KONA has become a larger SUV for use in cities, with bolder styling that gives it a dynamic look on the road and an interior designed with the driver in mind. To give customers as much space as possible for everyday use, the length of the all-new model grew to 4,355 mm, which is 150 mm longer than the last generation (EV version). The new model is 25 mm wider and has a 60 mm longer wheelbase than the old one, but it still has the same iconic design.

Unlike most cars with more than one engine type, the Hyundai KONA was designed around the EV model, which was then changed for the ICE/HEV and N-Line models.

Hyundai was able to design all versions of the KONA with a focus on technology by taking a slightly different approach. Even though the EV, ICE/HEV, and sporty N Line models all have the same architecture, each has its futuristic look.

The stylish front of the all-new Hyundai KONA SUV shows off the car's size and helps the car's aerodynamic performance. The extended Seamless Horizon Lamps, also pixelated on the EV version, are the main thing that stands out on the front. This makes the brand-new KONA the first Hyundai car to have the Pixelated Seamless Horizon Lamp, which gives it a look that is even more like an EV. KONA's Parametric Pixels also propagates a distinct design element from Hyundai's popular electric cars.

Hyundai KONA  N Line

Even though the all-new Hyundai KONA looks futuristic, it is clearly an SUV. The model's dynamic design is emphasized by its boldly sculpted fender flares, which combine the headlights and taillights and give it a more rugged look.

There are many parametric surfaces on the all-new Hyundai KONA. The pronounced diagonal creases on the sides connect the satin chrome shape from the beltline to the spoiler, creating a contour that wraps around the entire vehicle. The car's rear has been adorned with an additional Seamless Horizon Lamp and a High Mounted Stop Light (HMSL), seamlessly integrated into the satin chrome spoiler.

Several styling elements distinguish the driveline variants. The EV version gets an air intake grill and rear bumper with pixel graphic details, 19-inch pixel design wheels, a black wraparound line with black side mirrors, and an optional roof. Both the ICE and the HEV have bumpers and tailgates that are bold and strong, and both have black fender flares. The Hyundai N Line version has an optional black roof and side mirrors, a wing-style spoiler, a more aggressive front and rear design with wing-shaped bumpers that emphasize a lower stance, highlighted 19-inch wheels, dual mufflers, and silver side skirts.

Hyundai KONA

The interior of the all-new Hyundai KONA SUV looks like a living room. It has many useful features and has been designed to fit different ways of life. Universal Architecture, based on EVs, has a sporty layout with a flowing horizontal instrument panel that makes the KONA's sleek and roomy interior stand out. This gives the driver and passengers a lot of space to move around.

The two wide 12.3-inch screens and the floating module give it a high-tech look, and the lighting inside makes it easier and more enjoyable. When the shifter is moved from the center console to in front of the steering wheel, the space between the front seats can be cleaned up and used for more things.

The Hyundai KONA's urban design style is emphasized by the bench seat in the back row, which has no curves. The living room-like space inside makes for a unique experience that is as comfortable and easy to use as possible. Behind the back seats, there is a lot of room for cargo.

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