Ford Focus

Ford Focus ST Sportbreak

The 2019 Ford Focus ST Sportbreak has been unveiled by the American brand. It is the family variant of the sportiest version of the range, until the new RS arrives, of course. A car that can be configured with both a diesel engine and gasoline and that is shown as a tough rival for... Read more

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Ford Focus

The next-generation Ford Focus makes its worldwide debut today at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, providing customers with more affordable technologies and features than ever in this segment, as well as detailed craftsmanship, outstanding fuel economy... Read more

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Ford Focus BEV

At the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, Ford of Europe is showing the first of a fleet of Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) prototypes based on the Ford Focus, and specially developed to participate in the UK Government’s “Ultra-Low Carbon Vehicles” demonstration initiative next year. The... Read more

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