Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf GTI Concept

Paris is now the city of the VW Golf GTI. Four years ago, the sixth generation of the best-seller made its debut here - still as a concept car. In autumn 2012, Volkswagen is presenting the seventh generation Golf GTI in a premiere at the 2012 Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris -... Read more

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Volkswagen Golf GTI Edition 35

The 35th anniversary of the Golf GTI was an impetus for Volkswagen to create a very special type of anniversary model. In Germany, from May 12th orders are taken for the anniversary model offered under the "Edition 35" label.Volkswagen Golf GTI... Read more

MTM Volkswagen Golf GTI

German tuners Motoren Technik Mayer (MTM) has revealed its latest tuning programme for the Volkswagen Golf GTI. The new kit is ready to make your GTI powerful enough to smash the latest 2010 VW Golf VI R which was recently unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show.Because with the help of some ECU... Read more

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Volkswagen Golf

The most powerful and fastest-accelerating Golf ever produced – the Golf R – has been unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Developed by Volkswagen Individual, the special projects wing of Volkswagen, and following on from the Mk IV and Mk V Golf R32 models, the... Read more

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Volkswagen Golf Estate

The New Golf Estate - Initial Facts / Advance sales of the new compact class estate car begin on Friday / New Golf Estate launches at prices starting at € 18,500, including climate control and daytime running lights*Technology and features on par with sixth Golf generationFront end... Read more

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