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How To Prepare For a Move Across the Country

Whether it is because of your job or you need a change of pace, moving to a new home across the country can be a complicated yet exciting endeavor. Careful planning and organization can make your trip easy and get you to your new home with little trouble. Here are a few tips to follow when preparing for your big transition.

Get a Head Start On Planning

Once you know where you will live in your new town, begin the preparations for the day that you will leave your current one. Even if it will be a few months down the road, the more time you have to organize and get items into place the simpler the process will be. Schedule the moving company to come and load their truck with your possessions on the last day you will be in your house. Contact a nationwide car shipping company to arrange getting your extra vehicles across the country with you. Collect boxes, packing materials, and other things that you will need to package your belongings. Sort through what you have and determine what you want to take with you and what you can get rid of.

Pack Your Things Securely

Secure the boxes you plan to use with tape so they hold weight. Collect newspapers, towels and bubble wrap to protect fragile items as you put them away. Write the name of the room the container belongs in so that your movers will know where to place them as they carry things inside your new home. If you are moving your belongings yourself, put heavy objects like books on the bottom of your piles to prevent them from crushing your breakables. Get large blankets or pads to envelop around large furniture, such as tables, dressers, and bookshelves. This barrier protects them from scratches that can damage the wood. 

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