As with selling a home, selling a car requires more work than other items, such as furniture or clothing. You can sell your vehicle as-is and see where the chips fall in terms of offers; however, you may get more bang for your buck with some minor fixes. It wouldn’t make sense to drop thousands of dollars on repairs that won’t offer a comparable return, but spending a little care may help you get better offers.

Making Minor Repairs

If you’ve done vehicle mods, consider restoring your car back to original condition. Not every buyer will appreciate these modifications which were suited to your particular taste. Some minor issues can make your car appear to be in worse shape. Old wiper blades, blown headlight lamps and window cracks are some easy fixes that can make the difference on sale price. Consider getting a windshield replacement St. Charles MO before you sell your ride.

Getting a Deep Clean

A deep clean for your vehicle is a good idea for two reasons. First, a clean car looks like a well-maintained car, inspiring buyer confidence. Second, you’ve spent a lot of time living in your vehicle and a deep clean shows that you’re committed to selling a good, clean product. Consider paying for a full interior and exterior detail to help present your car at its best.

Finding the Right Buyer

If you’re in the process of buying a car from a dealer, you may find that a trade-in is the easiest route. You probably won’t get top dollar for your vehicle this way. Consider selling your car privately to make a little more money. You can advertise in want-ads or online, or sell to a company that buys used cars. It’s important to include good pictures with an honest, detailed description that doesn’t contain typos or other errors.

When it’s time to sell your car, you always have the option to sell as-is. Consider increasing your profit with a few inexpensive fixes.  From minor repairs to cleaning, you present your vehicle in a better light, commanding a higher sale price.

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