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Ducati Monster 1100EVO - style and sport

The Ducati Monster 1100EVO further enhances the Monster family’s defining concepts of functionality, style and sport with a full evolution of the flagship model. the Ducati Monster 1100EVO proudly rolls out with a new exhaust system, comfortenhanced ergonomics, Marzocchi front suspension and refined tail-end in addition to the new Ducati Safety Pack (DSP) of ABS brake system and new 4-level Ducati Traction Control (DTC).

Ducati Monster 1100EVODucati Monster 1100EVO

The Ducati Monster 1100EVO is the result of constant evolution in design and technology. The Monster 1100EVO is the first model to introduce the new Ducati Safety Pack (DSP), configured to enhance rider control on Ducati’s lifestyle models.

The Brembo-Bosch ABS developed by Ducati is one of the most sophisticated versions available for motorcycles and combines with top quality brake system components to deliver outstanding performance and confident control.

Ducati Monster 1100EVODucati Monster 1100EVO

The Monster 1100EVO uses a new style of slipper-clutch specially designed for the “wet” clutches of larger capacity engines. It features an oil bath system with ‘slipper’ function and super-light feel at the lever. Its design uses a progressive self-servo mechanism that presses the plates together when under drive from the engine, enabling the reduction of the clutch spring rates.

Ducati Monster 1100EVODucati Monster 1100EVO

The new exhaust system design follows a completely revised 2-1-2 routing to ensure the EVO’s powerenhancing and efficient power delivery and dedicates a lambda probe to each header to ensure precise fueling.

The Ducati Monster 1100EVO is the lightest bike in its class at just 169kg (373lb).

The power of the Ducati Monster 1100EVO can rely upon a best-in-category braking system that provides excellent, precise and controllable braking performance.

Ducati Monster 1100EVODucati Monster 1100EVO

The Ducati Monster 1100EVO is available in two colour schemes of red - with a racing-style white stripe along the centre of the front mudguard, tank and single-seat cover - and red Trellis frame or black with both stripe and frame in racing-grey.

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