Riding is something most people don’t have to do, but rather feel compelled to for a wide variety of reasons ranging from passion to practicality. Unfortunately traffic accidents do happen, and when it comes to serious injury or fatality, bikers are most at risk of injury than any other form of transport because there is little protection for a motorcyclist.

If you ever have a motorcycle accident, whether you’re a biker or a driver, here are 5 tips on how to handle the situation:

1. Ensure the accident site is safe- turn off engines. Warn oncoming traffic if possible by using a reflective warning triangle to get them to slow down.

2. If the biker is injured do NOT remove the helmet, leave it on unless the driver is not breathing or gone in to cardiac arrest-if this has happened, remove the helmet with care and perform CPR. Call 999.

3. Stay Calm-You don’t want to alienate any potential witnesses. Stay in control. This will help you determine if there are any witnesses that may prove useful.

3. If a hazard has been caused for other drivers or pedestrians then don’t leave the scene-or this could result in leaving yourself open to ‘hit and run’ claims or denying yourself the opportunity to get your account of the events to the police. You need to exchange details- you’ll need their name, address, contact details, and any insurance details if they have them to hand. At the very least get the name of their insurers. Also take a note of the make, model, registration and colour of all the vehicles involved. If somebody involved in the accident refuses to give you their basic details, then it's best to call the police.

4. Take notes- This will help build your claim. As well as the drivers details try to get any witnesses details too, addresses, names and contact details. Take photos on a camera phone if possible of any land marks to identify where the accident happened, road surface condition-this may have caused you to skid. Note down weather conditions or if the other driver was using a mobile phone.

5. Report the accident as soon as possible to your motorcycle accident solicitors.

Making a claim... If you believe you have a motorcycle accident claim then contact an experienced solicitor.

motorcycle accidents

This is a useful guide to prevention of common motorcycle accidents, http://www.rospa.com/roadsafety/info/ridesafe.pdf

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