Opel's new Adam is positioned as a direct competitor to other similarly-sized offerings such as the Mini Cooper, Fiat 500 and Citroën DS3; all small, stylish vehicles that prioritise customizability and a more overtly design-led aesthetic over simple functionality.

Coming in at a price point of approximately €11,000, the Opel Adam is named after the German company's founder. It is an intriguing addition to the increasingly popular ‘A-segment’ marketplace and significantly more affordable than either the Mini or Citroën mentioned above, but has it got the specs to compete with these already established brands?

Opel AdamOpel Adam

First impressions count, and with the Adam, Opel seem to have gone for a somewhat eclectic exterior. The car incorporates elements from a number of different influences, ranging from the Ford Ka-like tailgate to a front end reminiscent of a Mercedes SL. Whether these decisions add up to something you’ll want to see in front of your house each morning is up to you, although the overall effect seems to suit the slightly madcap personality of the Adam surprisingly well.

Much journalistic mileage will surely be had discussing the merits of naming the three trim levels on offer Jam, Glam and Slam, but like the kooky exterior, this is more a reflection of the manufacturer’s desire to provide a quick and easy way of differentiating their product from the crowd rather than any serious attempt to create something entirely new. In addition to the aforementioned basic trim levels, Opel is also offering to include a number of other options such as its rather nifty parking assistant, a heated steering wheel, and even an LED-equipped “starlight” roof.

Time will tell whether or not the Adam is successful, but at the moment it remains an intriguing prospect in a marketplace which has changed drastically over the past five years. It deserves to do well, if only for the amount of effort that has clearly gone into designing something that is just a little bit different.

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