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Citroen C5 CrossTourer

Citroen will exhibit new C5 CrossTourer at the Geneva Motor Show, next month. With C5 CrossTourer , Citroen is trying to turn a family car into a car with off-road features .On the exterior , the French model is distinguished by lengthwise matte grey roof bars, 18-inch diamond-... Read more

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Citroen DS3 R3

In addition to Citroën Racing’s official participation in WRC, where it has won five FIA World Championship Constructors’ titles, Citroën Racing has always offered products designed for customers.  The champion team has now furthered this rich tradition with Citroën... Read more

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GQbyCitroen Concept Car

Citroën and GQ have revealed a unique and exciting automotive project – the GQbyCITROËN. The GQbyCITROËN is a concept car born through a unique partnership between the UK’s market-leading quality men’s monthly and a team of Citroën designers, collaborating to create the ultimate... Read more

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Citroen DS3 Racing

Citroën is unleashing a hot new DS3 at the Geneva Motor Show - the limited edition 200hp DS3 Racing. Developed by Citroën Racing - the winning team behind five WRC manufacturer’s titles and six driver’s titles for Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena - DS3... Read more

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Citroen REVOLTe

A vibrant and sophisticated re-chargeable hybrid, REVOLTe represents a bold vision of the luxury, compact city car of tomorrow, combining confident styling with environmentally responsible technology to create a unique concept for the future of urban transportation.REVOLTe reflects... Read more

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