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The Toyota FCV Concept was revealed for the first time at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. The Toyota FCV Concept is a working concept of the fuel cell vehicle. Toyota plans to launch the car around 2015 as a pioneer in the expansion of hydrogen-powered vehicles. The Toyota FCV has a range of at least 500 km and refuelling times as low as 3 minutes. Toyota FCV… Read more

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Toyota Cars

At the Tokyo Motor Show later this month, Suzuki will exhibit its latest concepts for the future including a Swift with Plug-in Hybrid system and an SX4 Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV). Swift Plug-in Hybrid is ideal for drivers who travel low mileages of around 20km every day and is designed to be driven primarily on electric power. It is fitted with a compact 660cc engine and equipped with a… Read more

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Fuel Cell Vehicle

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