When you have your own car, it can be easy to fall into a pattern of driving everywhere. However, taking public transportation like local and city buses actually have plenty of benefits for you and the environment. Whether you’re just taking it to work or using it as transportation over long distances, there are many great reasons to take the bus. Here’s four motives to make taking the bus your latest New Year’s resolution.

Save Money

The amount of money you spend on gas each month can be staggering. Taking the bus only costs a fraction of that amount and still gets you to the same place, so why not skip the car occasionally? If you aren’t sure about bus routes in your town, just look them up online by typing in “bus transportation Washington DC” or whatever location applies to you.

Save the Environment

It’s been shown that even eliminating just one car from the road can save big on carbon emissions released into the air. Now imagine if everyone decided to take the bus several times a week. It can seem like the smallest thing, but by choosing public transport, you’re helping fight a global issue.

Reduce Chances of Collisions

Car accidents are a huge problem in the United States. As more and more people take to the roads, traffic becomes more congested, leading to increases in road rage and a larger number of collisions each year. Taking the bus means you don’t have to deal with terrible traffic, and it decreases the chances of accidents overall.  

Enjoy the Scenery

People often don’t realize how much they miss during their usual daily drive until they ride the same route as a passenger. Riding instead of driving creates an entirely new experience out of a boring routine. It’s also a great idea for longer trips, as the view from the airplane simply isn’t the same as the view out the bus window.

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