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Ferrari SF90 Stradale - 1000 hp and 2.5 seconds from 1 to 100 km / h

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The new Ferrari SF90 Stradale has a hybrid system that develops 1000 hp and propels this hypercar from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds.

The famous Italian company endowed the Ferrari SF90 Stradale with a V8 biturbo engine that develops 780 horsepower and 800 Nm and three 220-horsepower electric motors.

Two electric motors are located at the front. They are powered by a 7.9 kWh Li-ion battery that allows the SF90 Stradale to evolve in 100% electric over 25 km and up to 135 km / h. The third electric motor is located between the V8 and the gearbox.

Its maximum speed is 340 km / h.

The transmission is ensured by a box type F1 8-speed, double clutch. And since it weighs only 1,570 kg, the latest work by Ferrari is capable of doing 0 to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds. The 0 to 200 km / h is done in 6.7 seconds. Braking from 100 to 0 km / h is executed in 29.5 meters.

Inside, it's hyper-technology. The steering wheel gets even more buttons than usual and you can think of yourself as an F1 driver. 

All these mechanics need to be cooled. This can go up to 900 ° C below. The front is filled with radiators, two for the heat engine and the lithium-ion battery, one for the two electric motors at the front and the one at the rear.

Mini technical sheet:

Length: 4710 mm, Width: 1972 mm, Height: 1186 mm 
Wheelbase: 2650 mm, Front track: 1679 mm, Rear track: 1652 mm 
Distribution 45% front, 55% rear, Trunk capacity: 74 l + 20 l of beach Rear 
Weight: 1570 kg empty 
Tires: 255/35 ZR 20 J9.5 front, 315/30 ZR 20 J11.5 rear

Thermal engine: V8 90 ° 3990 cm3, Breaker at 8000 rpm 
Maximum power: 780 hp at 7500 rpm, Maximum torque: 800 Nm at 6000 rpm 
Electrical power: 162 kW, Battery capacity: 7.9 kWh is 25 km in all electric

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

It is not for the first time that Ferrari experiences the combination of a thermal and an electric motor. LaFerrari Aperta is equipped with a V12 engine that develops 800 hp / 700 Nm and an electric motor delivering 163 hp. With this LaFerrari Aperta data accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h under 3 seconds, from 0 to 200 km / h in 7.1 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of 350 km / h.

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