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Maserati has introduced the new MC20 sports car

The new Maserati MC20 combines 630hp, innovative engine technology, a state-of-the-art chassis, and spectacular design. The new MC20 sports car is the most powerful Maserati in the portfolio.

Why is it called the MC20? MC is the abbreviation for Maserati Corse (racing). The number 20 refers to 2020 - the year a new era is set to begin in Maserati's 100-year history. With the new MC20, Maserati also wants to return to the world of motorsport.

The sports car is 4.67 meters long and 1.22 meters high. This stretches higher than the competition from Lamborghini or McLaren, but according to Maserati, they wanted to make sure that taller people could still fit in the cockpit - even if they were wearing a helmet. As you can see, the new Maserati wants to hit the racetrack every now and then. The aerodynamic coefficient is less than 0.38.

Maserati MC20

The new Maserati MC20 comes with a 3.0-liter V6 engine called "Nettuno" which develops 630 hp and 730 Nm of maximum torque. The unit has a special ignition system derived from those used in Formula 1. This enables the sprint from 0 to 100km/h in less than three seconds, and the top speed is specified as 325 km/h. The 0-200 km / h sprint would take place in about 8.8 seconds. The braking system is signed by Brembo and offers discs with a diameter of 380 mm on the front axle, respectively 350 mm on the rear axle.

The total weight of the sports car is 1,500 kilograms, thanks in part to a carbon fiber monocoque structure, developed together with Dallara. You can also find carbon fiber inside - on the medial tunnel, on the steering wheel and on the paddles behind it - next to Alcantara leather. The sports seats are laser-cut and, like the door panels, have an accent color that the customer can choose later. The cabin receives a 10.3-inch center touch screen and a 10.3-inch digital instrument panel. At launch, the new MC20 will be available in six body shades: Bianco Audace, Giallo Genio, Rosso Vincente, Blu Infinito, Nero Enigma and Grigio Mistero.

Maserati MC20

According to Maserati, production of the MC20 sport car is scheduled to begin later this year, and orders can already be placed. It will be assembled at the Viale Ciro Menotti factory. The US price of the new Maserati MC20 is at least $ 210,000.

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