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3 of the Most Valuable Vintage Cars

Cars tend to retain some value no matter what. Even junk cars Concord NC that are no longer drivable can be scrapped and sold for parts. However, race cars that are preserved in pristine condition tend to not only retain value but gain it over time.

These cars are valued for their speed, their sleek beauty, and their history. They are a symbol of prestige for those that can afford to buy them. If they aren't snapped up in private sales, they sell at auction for more money than most people will ever make in a lifetime. Here are some of the most expensive vintage cars ever sold.

1. Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta, 1962

Ferraris feature heavily on lists of most valuable vintage cars, so let this one stand for all of them. In 2018, this model became the most expensive car ever sold at auction, bringing in a sum of $38 million. However, it is not the top-selling GTO. A 1963 model that won the Tour de France in 1964 was sold privately for $70 million in 2018.

2. Mercedes-Benz W196 Silver Arrow, 1954

Altogether, there are only 14 Silver Arrows in existence, and nearly half of them are still in the possession of their manufacturer. This particular model is valued for its history of being driven by iconic Grand Prix champion Juan Manuel Fangio. It sold at auction for $29.6 million.

3. Aston Martin DBR1, 1959

The DBR1 represents the realization of a dream. David Brown, a British engineer and entrepreneur, bought the Aston Martin company in 1949 with the goal of designing and producing a car that would win the Le Mans, a goal he accomplished a decade later. Another DBR1 went on to win the Nurburgring that same year, and that car sold at auction for $23.67 million. DBR1s are so valuable in part because only five of them ever existed.

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