Hydraulic systems contain many parts that are essential for smooth and safe operation. Problems with any of those parts may cause noticeable signs and symptoms. If you do not recognize and address these issues in a timely fashion, you could be facing extensive and costly hydraulic system replacement. Fortunately, a few easily recognizable signs tell you when hydraulic components need to be repaired or replaced.

Sluggish Operation

One clear sign of a problem is when the affected machine slows down. Slow operation indicates that there is an insufficient hydraulic fluid flow to maintain adequate speed and performance. Fluid leaks anywhere in the system lead to loss of flow. You may be able to spot an external leak on your own, but internal problems are more challenging. Getting the full-service hydraulic repairs Ashland KY businesses need can help safely and accurately identify the problem.  

Unusual Noises

Knocking and banging noises often indicate air in the hydraulic system. There are many places where air leaks can happen, but the pump inlet is most common. When coupled with unusual noises, foaming hydraulic fluid is another sign that indicates excess air in the system. If not addressed, aeration degrades the fluid, possibly causing seal damage and overheating.

Noises may also be caused by cavitation, in which inadequate fluid levels strain the hydraulic system. Cavitation leads to damaging metal corrosion and possible mechanical failure. It is crucial to have the problem repaired quickly. 

Overheated Hydraulic Fluid

Fluid temperatures above 180 degrees Fahrenheit can thin out the protective oil film and damage hydraulic systems. Overheating can be caused by aeration, low reservoir fluid, or damage to the reservoir itself. Problems with the heat exchanger, or any part of the cooling system, may also cause overheating.

Identifying the root causes of hydraulic system malfunction allows swift and accurate repairs. With regular inspection and support from professional hydraulic repair services, you can keep your machinery running smoothly.

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