The Dacia Manifesto concept car confirms the company's commitment to making an automobile that is at once stylish, reliable, reasonably priced, and environmentally friendly. Some of the innovative elements found in the Dacia Manifesto will be included in future models of the Dacia lineup. This vehicle has a solid connection to the outdoors and is environmentally sustainable.

Dacia Manifesto

"The mission at Dacia is to create a line of vehicles that exemplifies the brand's core beliefs by prioritizing the needs of its customers and tailoring its features to their busy lifestyles. It's possible to think of Dacia Manifesto as an experimental research facility. Don't miss out on future models that will be smarter, more customized, and more Dacia than the one we present today ", claims Lionel Jaillet, director of product performance at Dacia.

Offering something genuine and straightforward, Dacia Manifesto is a great choice. There are no access points on Dacia Manifesto at all. Despite being in a natural setting, travelers can maintain contact with the outside world via their mobile devices. Dacia's Bring-Your-Own-Device approach makes it possible to fully integrate a smartphone into the dashboard in a straightforward, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Many Dacias have already implemented the technology, and it will continue to improve in the future.

Dacia Manifesto

YouClip, a new and straightforward system that will be standard on all future Dacia Manifesto models, is also being introduced. The Dacia Manifesto is designed to hold many valuable tools and accessories.

The Dacia Manifesto boasts all the features necessary for off-roading, including four-wheel drive, a high ground clearance, wide wheels, and a sturdy frame. The car's interior may be cleaned with a water hose because it is watertight. The seat coverings are detachable so that they may be rapidly transformed into sleeping bags. One ingenious fix involves the prototype car's single headlight bulb, which can be removed and utilized as a lantern.

Dacia Manifesto

Because the roof rack's arches are modular, they can accommodate various loads. You can get a roof rack on a Dacia Sandero Stepway or Dacia Jogger right now, and the Dacia Duster family SUV will join their ranks soon. Because its battery can be removed and recharged in a standard wall outlet, Dacia Manifesto can be a reliable power source for anyone who must spend time in the great outdoors for work or pleasure.

Dacia's Manifesto is an example of the company's goal to produce an automobile with a negligible impact on the natural world. Its small size and light weight allow it to run on less power. The Dacia Jogger, for example, is 300 kg lighter than its 7-seater competitors, which necessitates a smaller engine that consumes less fuel. This low energy consumption trend can be traced back to the company's first vehicles. The Dacia Manifesto, in contrast to the Dacia Jogger, is not only partially lined with cork but also constructed from recycled plastic with a surface called Starkle.

Another novel aspect that Manifesto was designed to help the environment and save money, is the airless tires. The concept behind these tires is robustness; they are resistant to punctures and can last for the car's lifetime.


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