On the automotive market today, SUVs are the most successful cars, but costs are not always available to everyone, let's see which ones have prices below 17,000 euros.

Among the SUVs that cost less than 17,000 euros, there is also Mahindra KUV100, a compact crossover with special handles on the rear doors in the window frame. The capacity of the trunk is normal, the plastics of the passenger compartment are rigid, but of a pleasant appearance.  the cabin is spacious and the car is much loved by customers. Prices starting from 11.480 euros.

Mahindra KUV100

Dacia Duster is the Romanian low-cost SUV par excellence, very flourishing since its launch on the market. Sober and characterized by an excellent relationship between price and content, practical and essential SUV, everyone likes it and is ideal for those who do not follow fashions. Those who choose it obviously accept some small renunciations in the preparations, also because the list of accessories does not go beyond the essential. Prices from 11,900 euros.

Dacia Duster

The latest generation of Suzuki Ignis is a true crossover of small dimensions and low price. It is also proposed in the hybrid version, which combines a small electric unit with the heat engine. The interiors are sober but functional and the luggage capacity is also good. The car is fitted with the automatic braking system and the warning of an involuntary lane crossing. The small SUV is light and compact, and it moves well even on the most uneven paths. Prices starting at 13,600 euros.

Suzuki Ignis

The Dr3 was created starting from the Chinese Chery Tiggo 3x, a compact crossover with a modern and sporty look. We find it on the market only with the 1.5 with 106 HP of power and 135 Nm of maximum torque, five-speed manual transmission, in petrol version and in the two classic bi-fuel, methane and LPG. Good space in the passenger compartment, the standard equipment also includes the rearview camera and the electrically opening roof. Prices from 14,900 euros.


The Ssangyong Tivoli is one of the SUVs that costs less than 17,000 cars and has the right dimensions to meet the needs of the city and beyond. It is a practical car, spacious and in general, well made. It is an excellent alternative to the most sought-after and expensive compact SUVs. It moves with agility in tight spaces, the clutch is light and among its advantages, it boasts generous space. One of the car's strengths is habitability. List price starting at 15,950 euros.

Ssangyong Tivoli

Citroen C3 Aircoss is the original and small crossover with an eye-catching look and a rather versatile passenger compartment. We find it with petrol and diesel engines of varying power, which can be combined with the five-speed manual gearbox or the six-speed automatic. Ideal for everyday use, it offers a great level of comfort. The C3 Aircross boasts a high level of driving comfort and an excellent interior space. Prices starting at 16,400 euros.

Citroen C3 Aircoss

Renault Captur is another economical SUV, it has a strong and adventurous style. It can be seen from the large wheels, the high sides and the front dominated by the grille that houses the super logo. It takes up most of the mechanics from the Clio sedan but has a slightly longer wheelbase. Prices starting from 16,650 euros.

Renault Captur

Among the less expensive SUVs, there is also the Kia Stonic, it is less high and more slender than other SUVs, has an almost sporty appearance. The cabin is spacious, the trunk is quite large. The car is available on the market with three petrol and one diesel engines, fitted as standard with the manual gearbox. It is a much-loved car and also available for those who do not have the possibility to spend more than 17 thousand euros. List price starting at 16,750 euros.

Kia Stonic

Ssangyong XLV is a medium-sized crossover with a unique appearance. It is a practical and spacious car, the passenger compartment is made with care. The trunk is well accessible and another great advantage of the Ssangyong XLV is the good relationship between price/equipment and the availability of LPG versions. Prices starting at 16,850 euros.

Ssangyong XLV

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