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Mercedes-Benz Cars

Mercedes-AMG is the brand behind some of the world's most powerful performance cars. Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher founded AMG in 1967. The company's name has since become synonymous with speed and prowess in fields where only more

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BMW Cars

The Germans from BMW continues to electrify its model range, preparing 225xe for BMW 2 Series Active Tourer and 330E for BMW 3 Series. The BMW 225xe, powertrain consists of a 1.5-liter petrol engine that drives the front wheels (via a more

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2013 Icona

The new sports coupe Icona Vulcano is the first car that the newly established company from China proposed to millionaires. Icona Vulcano stunned the audience with a good design and a bold personality. Icona Vulcano more

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Renault cars

Since 1901 and the launch of its single-cylinder van, Renault has been a major player in LCVs vehicles. It has been the LCV market leader in Western Europe for the past 12 years, and even increased its market share this year, from 14.4% at end-August 2009 more

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Renault cars

Renault has provided a first glimpse of its latest concept car, DeZir, ahead of this year's Paris Motor Show. DeZir stands out as an illustration of the brand's commitment to more emotional styling. DeZir's sensuous lines and bright red finish more

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Audi Cars

The new e-tron model series from Audi will gain another new member at the Geneva Motor Show: The Audi A1 e-tron is a Mega City Vehicle (MCV) with an innovative drive technology. It comes equipped with a powerful more

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electric motor

LAMPO2 is an even more energy efficient successor to the LAMPO demonstration vehicle presented in 2009. Weight, aerodynamics and the efficiency of individual components of the BRUSA drive train have been further optimized in order to reach a more

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Volkswagen cars

* Volvo Cars is presenting the next-generation battery electric Volvo C30 with a range of 150 kilometres at the Detroit Motor Show * Volvo Cars will build a test fleet of 50 electric Volvo C30s which will be used in real-life traffic more

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diesel engine

Volvo is introducing a series-produced plug-in hybrid as early as 2012. Pure electric power from the battery will cover the daily transport needs of 75 percent of European drivers. For longer distances, an efficient diesel hybrid more

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Renault cars

Renault Twizy ZE Concept is an innovative response to the challenge of urban mobility. With its four wheel chassis, Renault Twizy ZE Concept offers the driver and passenger – seated one behind the other – an all-electric means of more

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electric cars

At the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, Ford of Europe is showing the first of a fleet of Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) prototypes based on the Ford Focus, and specially developed to participate in the UK Government’s “Ultra-Low Carbon Vehicles” more

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Audi Cars

Audi presents the highlight of the IAA 2009: the e-tron, a high-performance sports car with a purely electric drive system. Four motors – two each at the front and rear axles – drive the wheels, making the concept car a true quattro. Producing 230 kW (313 more

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electric cars

Mercedes-Benz is launching its first series-produced fuel cell car on the road: the B Class F-CELL. The environmentally friendly electric car has a performance similar to 2,0-litre petrol car and is fully suited more