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How Much Will Auto Insurance Cost You?

Are you getting ready to buy that gorgeous vehicle you’ve had your eyes on for a while now? In addition to taking out a loan and making sure your credit is in good condition so you can nab a low interest rate, you’ll also need to think about securing a good auto insurance policy. Determining how much insurance will cost you can be tricky. There are so many factors that can determine how much you pay, including where you live, your driving history and what type of car you’re insuring. Here’s what you should know about the average cost of car insurance in 2019.

Coverage Considerations

When purchasing an auto insurance Mount Dora FL policy, you’ll need to decide if you want to meet minimum liability requirements in your state or cough up a little more money for full coverage. Collision and comprehensive insurance are typically included in full coverage policies. In Florida, a minimum-coverage auto insurance policy typically costs around $1,200 while full coverage could bump you up to around $2,500.

Gender and Marital Status

Did you know your gender could affect the price of your car insurance policy? While gender-based pricing is outlawed in many states, Florida isn’t one of them. In some states, women pay approximately $51 more per year than men for automobile insurance. Single individuals, divorced people and widows also tend to pay more for insurance than their married counterparts.

Driving History

It stands to reason that those with questionable driving histories will pay more for car insurance than those with clean driving records. If you have any DUIs, speeding tickets or other moving violations, you can expect your insurance policy to cost a little more than average.

If you're looking for ways to get cheap car insurance, you have more control than you may think. Keep your driving record as clean as possible to avoid getting penalized with higher insurance costs and shop around for low-cost policies. Always make sure you're comparing similar policies so you can get the best deal for the type of coverage you want. 

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